2016 armed concrete. In response to museum Voorlinden.
Armed Concrete 62 x 62 x 62 cm

I visited the museum in 2016.
In 2016 I was invited to the press preview of the opening of the Voorlinden museum, and spoke to the founder Joop van Caldenborgh and Wim Pijbes who was leaving as director one month later.         
Here is the response to a new museum. You see the blue and white of Blue Ripe by Ellsworth Kelly, Joop 's favorite painting, and the swimming pool, where there are also the same colours. There is a reference to the Open Ended sculpture by Richard Serra, and to the roof of the museum itself which filters the daylight through 115,000 bevelled tubes and also to Skyspace by James Turrell. Ultimately, the 'hard edge' works by Ellsworth Kelly are my inspiration for the design and the translation to 3D. The entire chapter on Voorlinden appears in the book Picturing Museums.

Making the cube was not as easy as it seems. When filling the mold the two colors of concrete simultaneously were created and poured. Sheets of foil were placed in the mold against the edges where blue and white touch each other. After applying and vibrating the wet white and blue concrete, the foil was carefully pulled out.